I remember the day you sat next to me in Algebra 2. I was confused because we had never really spoken before. I was sitting alone so I figured you were just being sympathetic to the lonely girl.

Little did I know that going to math for the next two years would be my favorite time of the day.

The next two years we would also spend learning all we could about the other. Along the way learning we both had strong feelings for the other. Although whenever those feelings were attempted to be acted on the other was never available. Both to stubborn to just go for it.

November 12, 2011 we finally went for it. Senior year. If it was going to happen it had to be now while we were still seeing one another everyday. Once college began it would be more difficult to stay in touch.

Everything was perfect. Sure we had small arguments that we resolved the same day but those didn't matter.

March 25, 2012 I got a message after watching The Hunger Games from you telling me you had broke your leg.

Three days passed and no one had heard anything from you. Not even your closest friends.

Next day I was told you were in a coma.

When I tried to go and see you in the hospital I couldn't because you were being moved to a better hospital.

The day I finally saw you I was so scared. You had so many machines around you and so much medication.. Everyday from that day forward I went to the hospital to see you. Some days I was told you were getting better and improving some days things got bad.

Finally we were told to expect the worst and hope for the best and I knew I was going to lose you.

May 11, 2012 I got a call from my mother telling me you didn't make it. I lost it. I didn't know what to do. I finally got you and that quickly lost you. You had just turned 19 and I had just turned 18. You'll never get to graduate from high school even though you were so close. There's so much you'll never get to do.

I miss you so much! The last thing you ever spoke to me was "take care" and I promise that I will do everything to do just that. I'm going to make sure to do something amazing with my life for you. Its been a few days and I'm still hurting but i'm trying my best to stay positive.

We were only together for a few months and it seems like some silly high school crush but it was so much more. He was the guy I wanted to spend my Senior year with and so much more. Now i'll never get that chance.

I love him, and I miss him. I'll never forget.
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

im so sorry for your loss..i lost my boyfriend march 27 is a very hard thing to deal with....i no what u are going threw and there is nothing i can say to make you feel even a little better...but try to be strong...i hope everything works out for you...stay strong

sorry it is hard to get over for me i lost my wife at age 19