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Hello my name is Ayden-James and i just turned 18 and would like to share with you my story. So it was my grade 8 year and this guy that i had a super major crush on asked me out at a party, i was so excited!! We started dating and four months intobour relationship we fell hardcore in love and as the years went on we knew we would always be eachothers forever. In our grade 11 year we had sex for the first time and i got pregnant ( it truly was the first!!) but he still stayed. He loved me so much and everyone good see the love we had for eachother all my friends would say we have got to be the cutest couple they know and that we would be that small percent of high school couples to go on together but when i got pregnant they all thought we were ruining our lives and that its going to tear us apart. We didnt believe so we believed it would make us stronger as a couple having to go through that at such a young age. Anyways as the months went on we got super exited and couldnt wait for the arrivle of our precious gift but unfortunatly two months before my due date my boyfriend got in an accident and passed away. It was the hardest thing i ever had to go through i got so depressed and didnt even want my baby i decided on adoption. I just couldnt bare the thought of looking at my child and seeing my boyfriend. When my due date arrived i went into labour at 12:30am and gave birth to a baby boy at at 4:12am 7pounds 6 1/2 ounces. When the nurse asked if id like to see him i said yes and the moment i looked into those beautiful green eyes (my boyfriends eyes) i fell in love all over again. There was no way i could give my baby up and lose the only part of my boyfriend i had. It would be like losing him twice and once to me was enough. So a few days ago was exactly a year that my boyfriend died and my son kaedyn and i (whos almost one) live in memory of his father and my boyfriend. We are as happy as we can be during the circumstances but of course he is young and doesnt understand but when the time comes and he asked what happened to his father i will tell him all the great things and how much his father loved me and his unborn son. Somedays are harder to get buy knowing he isnt there to help or just put a smile on my face but i will always cherish and remember the moments he was there and that we shared and smiled about together. Its sad knowing kaedyn will never meet his father and that his father never got to meet him but i know that my boyfriend is up there watching over us. Rest in piece baby i love you and will never forget you <3
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Your story mirrors my older sister, a drunk driver ran over her 19 year old soulmate. She used the inheritance to buy a puppy (he left all of it to her). You have my sympathies, he's waiting for you in heaven. May he rest in peace

this touched my heart tooo omg i am seriously crying

This touched my heart.<br /><br />
My mom used to tell me that everyone is here for a purpose. They are here to do something. It's like their mission. And maybe your boyfriends purpose in life was to make you happy and create your son so that you won't be alone.<br /><br />
I don't know if your parents ever told you something similar to that, but it does make sense now.<br /><br />
You are one strong person. Never doubt that.<br /><br />
My best wishes to you.