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I'm 16 years old and my boyfriend Nick was also. Were both Juniors in High School we started dating 3 years ago back in 8th grade on October 16, 2009. We recently just had our 3 year Anniversary he had gotten a new job about 4 months prior so he took me out to dinner on a date it was one of the best nights of my life. about a week after that it was raining very hard by where I live because we were getting after effects from Hurricane Sandy, so we got called off of school. I still had cheerleading practice and he still had work. I was out to lunch after practice with one of my friends at about around 4 when we were on our way back I had gotten a phone call from someone with a private number not knowing who it was they were yelling and screaming in the phone frantically I brushed it off as it was a prank call and went on. I later saw his sister posted something on Facebook saying how her little brother had gotten into a car accident and didn't know if he would live or not. I called my mom I and I was screaming and crying hoping she would tell me that he was okay he was just hurt and that nothing was wrong. As soon as I figured that he might be in the hospital my friend raced me there we waited and they said nobody by his name was checked in. His dad called me and explained everything to me and said that is was true that he was dead on impact and they are bring him to the hospital so I can say my last goodbyes, his family had made it to the scene because he was on his way to work and it was close to there house. After what felt like ever (only a hour and a half or so) he finally arrived at the hospital for me to see him it took that long because he was an organ donor and they had to do that first. At that point my family had finally got there and my friend had still been with my I walked down only 3 hallways but they were really long and it felt like it look forever to get there. The doctor stopped at the door and said here we are. I looked at my parents and my friend and I opened the door to find him laying on the table in a black zip up body bag. The man from the morgue unzipped only past his chest and I ran and held him, I didn't want to let go of him I just kept whispering "I'm here" "I'm still by your side" "I love you baby" as I hugged his body it felt hard and cold I wanted to make him warm I didn't want to let go. With my head on his chest and my arms around him I just wanted him to hug me back it didn't seem real I couldn't believe that this was it this was the end of us, this was the end of his successful career he dreamed of in the IT field , this was the end our future together, walking into school and people telling us we are the cutest couple this was the end of everything. After of a an hour of being in there with him I didn't want to leave him there alone, but it was getting late 10 maybe. I gave him a kiss and we all walked out. Once I had seen him when I walked in for the first time everybody else that was behind me I had forgotten about including my friend I didn't realize she had been sobbing her eyes out. When we walked out I gave her a hug and I thanked her for being there for me and driving me to see him and not just blowing this off like it was nothing. I was mentally and physically exhausted I had picked up my phone and it was bursting with text messages, missed phone calls, and voice mails. I went on to Facebook and it was twice as bad hundreds of messages and posts about me him and his family. I couldn't take it, it was so over whelming. I went to my room and I couldn't fall asleep my mom came in to check up on me and I told her I didn't want to be alone so she slept on the floor of my room and we stayed up all night together just talking. After that the past few weeks seeing as this happened 10/30/12 I didn't want to be alone I didn't care who I was with I just didn't want to be by myself. I never hung out with his friends we always accepted each other for who we were and it didn't really matter who he hung out with and who I did so I never really had any friendships with his friends. After this I have become closer with his friends and his brothers and sisters (2 sisters; 3 brothers, Nick being the youngest of 6). Our community has been so supportive everybody wore blue to school for Nick and made baby blue ribbons to pin to your shirts. We had a candle lighting for him and we have a rock in front of our school that we paint and decorate for football or basketball games well they painted it blue and put some thing things on it and our whole town came and lite candles. It was freezing cold raining on everybody and they still stood there with me and his family praying, until they had his funeral I went to the rock every night on my way home from his house to dry the candles from the rain and relight them. We've also had 2 benefit dinners to raise money to help pay for Nicks things. I'm more then gracious on how our community has recognized this tragic event and is super supportive. It's unbelievable. It's almost being a month from when it happened I have been back to school getting my make up work in and continuing my future with my Dental Assisting classes. Even though Nick isn't here I know he would want me to do good and school to better myself I already know he wouldn't want me to quit. And that's why I love him so much because he always pushed me because he knew that I can always better myself and there is always great opportunity's in life.

I love you Nick,

Thanks for reading,
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It is a black and white picture of him and I and my area is Garrettsville Ohio yeah it was because Nicks dad is from that side of town and we had a benefit dinner out there.

Thanks for your message. I spoke to her last night about your story, your Nick, and how many similarities there are. I researched and found the obituary for your Nick--what an amazing young man he sounded like! Also, many similarities to Sierra's boyfriend. You can google the news story to see Clinton was such an amazing young man also. google "clinton norris vermont parents remember fox 44" You are so blessed to have had that deep connection with him. I have never known more that the spirit lives on and I'm sure he is watching over you....Do you have an instagram? I know my daughter will want to talk to you when she is ready. She is in the numb stage right now. We all are. I never knew I could get so attached to my daughter's boyfriend, but he had the kindest heart of anyone and we just miss having him around so much. i'm not sure if sierra has texting to ohio, but interestingly enough, I am from Ohio. My family is from the Dayton, Ohio area and Sierra was born in Ohio. Facebook may be easiest way for you two to connect because you could message privately that way.

Same with mine everybody came together and everybody thats in our grade will never forget both of them for the rest of there lives either, it didnt just affect her and I it affected everyone in our grade around us to. Awwwh that's good did she read my story? I found writing about how it was in my perspective helps releave some stress gathers your thoughts, but this was over a period of time... to early for her now maybe. I didn't have motivation for a short period of time after Nicks passing because he was my encouragement and I didnt have that anymore. That is truely awesome she needs that bonding timr with his family. I'm always with Nicks dad and siblings we have become very close my parents have actually allowed me to spend the night at his house, being in his room around his things and sleeping where I knew that morning he slept and the smell it smells just like him... see for me that was one of the first things i did when nick passed i spent many days comforting myself by ding this. And a million times yes of course if shes ready for that and you atre comfortable with that she can find me on facebook we can email or I can even give her my number not sure if I can text to New england but I would try!:P Lol I am from the United States I live in Ohio(:
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Thank you for the kind and thoughtful words. Her friends have been very helpful; they are angels in their own right, and Sierra has a supportive family. The community has mourned his death together, evidenced with over 900 people attending his celebration of life. I told her about you last night. I told her I was doing research to try and help her and I stumbled across this site. Last night his mom invited her over and we had dinner with them and they came to our house for a while. Clinton has an amazing family who loves him very much. We love their family and we are all struggling. The accident was just over a week ago. She went back to school just yesterday and it was very difficult. I am going to encourage Sierra to register on this site and connect with you herself. I told her that none of us will ever move on. But somehow we will find the smallest of reasons to go on. Eventually those reasons will get bigger, but in the early days, she needs to hold on to anything that helps her get through. I think if the two of you connected, it would be wonderful for both of you. Thanks so much for responding. By the way, we are in the new england area. I could connect the two of you if you are open to that. Sending hugs to you...

Tell her that I'm terribly sorry for her loss and I know that anything that anybody might say right now probably won't help how shes feeling because I know it didn't for me I just wanted him to be back. See I was doing the same I hit a point in my healing process where I just wanted someone to know the exact pain I was going through, thats how I came across this site. its been almost 7 months since Nicks passing and for her its still fresh I know I couldnt focus on a single text to even get my thoughts straight... but let her know that I've come such along way since then and it feels like you'll never move on from it but sadly you do . Tell her I would be more than happy to speak with her !!

My daughter just lost her boyfriend also. This was only one week ago. The accident was may 11, 2013. They were the same age as you and your Nick. I went on the internet to try and find some forum for Sierra to connect with people who would understand what she is going through. Like your story, the community has been great. He was also an organ donor. Was a tragic accident in Vermont. So many similarities to your story. I will direct her here, as it may be helpful for both of you to connect on this.