Heaven Or Hell

I never went to church on Sunday.
I never thought about heaven or hell.
Or what will happen to us all one day,
After all no one really can tell.

Now my world is upside down.
But I can't force myself to believe.
I need to know where you are now.
Are you an angel watching over me?

That's not real, no that isn't right.
But neither was anything I thought I knew.
I knew in my heart that I would always have you.
So if right is wrong then isn't wrong right?

You are my angel to guide my way.
And you are with me wherever I go.
People, they tell me this every day.
And I can't help but wonder, 'but how do you know?'.

Because after all no one really can tell.
Where do we go after our last breath?
Because I never thought about heaven or hell.
Or at least I didn't, not until your death.
cristij420 cristij420
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

I'm saved .. And I believe in God however every since my boyfriend who is also the father of my kids was murdered. And I hav been questioning God how could he let this happen to him me Nd are 2 kids. But deep in my soul I'm really afraid of what God would do to me for questioning him but we are only human. But just know heaven and hell is real. And right now he's just resting in peace. No one will I to heaven or hell until the reserection happens.! But trust me I've even wondering if my baby Kingsley has been here with us. Or if ill see him again. It's really hard to tell. Sorry for your loss. I'm sorry for my lost too. It's just cruel this happens to us.!