Cant Cope With Bf Going To Prison

My bf is going in next tuesday an the last time i saw him was 3 days ago (i mite see him today). Hes going in for 1-2 years and i just cant help but cry about it. Ive known him for a year and i know hes the one and i just started dating him a month ago but like i said it was love at first site. He said he would try and call me at every chance and write letters. He promised me he would come to me as soon as he gets out but cant live with the thought that i wont be able to see him even in prison (underage). I have no one left to lean on and i just need to get through this year with support...i cant cope with the fact that he will be out of the pictue for a while (physically). I love him too much and it just hurts really bad..please help..
Damselindistress1011 Damselindistress1011
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

All I can really say, something I wish someone would've said to me when my boyfriend went in, if you love him do the best you can with standing by him (it's very difficult especially since your young) but, if you find that it's too hard and you just can't do it anymore. It's okay because at least you didn't just walk away. Live one day at a time, don't try to skip ahead because you'll just be falling all over yourself because there is really no rule book with this kind of thing. remember that you're only human and once in a while you come first, even if it doesn't seem right to smile without him, it's okay it doesn't mean you love him any less, it just means your living the best you can without him for the time being