My boyfriend of 8 months. That wasn't even here for that 8th months..left for basic last week and won't be back till December..I've been crying and so hurt..I don't know how to cope at all about this situation...we have done so much together and I just miss him like crazy and just wish time would go by :(
laurencook16 laurencook16
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

I understand your pain completely.
I spent a year moping about being away from the love of my life when I realized that skyping helps sooo much and staying busy with my own stuff while still making sure to talk to him daily really helped me get through it.
Let out all the emotions for a few weeks, then try to keep yourself busy so that your mind doesn't wander to how much you miss him.

I'm not allowed to video chat or anything with him..I can't even communicate with him for the next four months. It's killing me. I can't seem to stop crying what so ever..I just wish me being busy would help but it hurts so bad..I love him so much..