Separated By Summer

 My boyfriend and I go to the same university and have been dating for a year. He stayed on campus this summer while I went home (4 hours away) to have knee surgery. I can't even drive to visit him because I'm not allowed to drive a car yet! He is very busy with school and work and has only managed to come visit me twice; both visits could only last a day. School doesn't resume for another few moths still and I miss him like crazy every minute of the day. I just can't wait to be with him again and have his arms wrapped so tightly around me. I feel your pain ladies!

hopelessromantic8 hopelessromantic8
1 Response Jul 3, 2009

It hurts a lot I know! I got to university in the same city as my bf, we started dating four months ago but we grew so close quickly and spend time together whenever we can. For the first time I honestly feel like maybe I found someone stable and loving. But summer comes along and he had won an internship at bp whilst I had to go home. We went away for a weekend to say goodbye for the summer and I found myself in awe of him. Now I am home in the south of england, and he is in scotland...its so far and expensive to travel. We have arranged to see each other in a month for the weekend. I miss him a lot though, he tries to call as much as he can but he is very busy with work and making friends. After our phone calls I feel so sad. I love speaking to him until he says 'I need to go' and I find myself wishing he would stay up talking to me all night. But I accept it's unfair on him so I let him go to bed but I can't sleep. Wishing time flies till october when we will both be living within half an hour of each other. But I will make an eleven hour train journey both ways just to see him at a price I can afford. If only it wasn't for just a weekend. Good luck :) I am sure you will be really happy to be reunited soon xxx