I miss my boyfriend so much. He recieved a few bad grades on his progress report a couple days ago.  Now, he is grounded from everything. His parents de-activated his phone, took his computer, and took his xbox because those are the only ways he could communicate with me. I am used to seeing him almost everyday of every week of every month. Even when I don't get to see him for a day, we talk non-stop. He is only allowed to do what they tell him and nothing else. They forced him to get a hair cut too.

I am very good in school, and his parents know this. All they had to do was ask for my help. I would gladly spend an hour or two making sure he understands he school work and making sure he gets it done. Before, I didn't know he was having as much trouble as he is, so I didn't think he needed help. When I was over we would nap together, play video games, and just laugh. When I went home I did my homework, and I always got it done. Knowing that I could get mine done when I get a severe amount every night, I figured he did his too since he gets a lot less.

No, now I don't get to see him or talk to him at all for at least another four weeks. My birthday is in three. That is also the same week of his confirmation and our 11 month aniversary.

There is no way getting around this because of when his parents work, and how lightly they sleep. They also said if they don't give me permission to come and I do, he will be grounded all summer and they will sell his car and not allow him to get his permit.

To top it all off, I have to go out of state for a competition next week. The few times his parents leave and he can call me on his house phone, I might not be able to answer and talk. One of those times is how I found out all of this information.

And again, some amazing news. My grandmother yesterday had a heart attack and a stroke and he wasn't able to see me. She is dying in a hospital and I get to watch and I have to deal with it all by myself. I really need him right now, and his parents just don't care.

XPoizonIvyRoseX XPoizonIvyRoseX
18-21, F
Mar 14, 2010