Boyhood Sex

i miss my boyhood sex life, it all started when i had to go to the doctors of a check up.  laying nacked on the bed the doctor began to check my body out, he started with my head then went down to my groin.   I was around 8 years old my parents were in the room watching what the doctor was doing.    he begain to touch my uncut penis lifting it up and then started to pull my little fore skin back.  I was starting to get an erection and the doctor just smiled at me and continued to probe me,, my mind was all over the place thinking what is this doctor doing to me.  I felt my foreskin go back down and then he grabed my balls to see if there was a problem there after that he looked elsewere and finished the exam. he wispered in my ear that a lot of boys got stiffies when he touched them there and said not to worry about it.    when i got home i could not get that erection out of my mind so when i had my shower I began to feel my own boyhood  and a limp **** started to rise up and i was enjoying ever second of it. I started to stroke it a little faster and faster but then it began to hurt a bit so i stopped as my foreskin was getting a bit rough plus I could not *** at that age, that came when i was i bit older. 

my second boyhood sex was with a friend of mine from school who asked me to stay overnight with him and we had a great night. I was around 12 years old and i had a fun night of sex with my friend, I was new to the boy touch boy thing as I only ever pulled myself off and never had another boy ********** me .  he was curcumcised as well,  I had never seen a cut **** like his and he saw that and asked if I wanted to touch it so i did. It felt funny as there was no foreskin to pull back ( was used to pulling my own back ) so he said go faster and i did so until he shot his load.  I can still remember my look on my face when he ejected his ***,  I was thrilled.   Then he asked if I wanted to have the same thing done to me and i quickly got up and had my hard **** out as fast as i could and he began to stroke me until i shot my load ,  after that i had my first oral sex, god I must have been a randy kid at that age we both gave each other head and had a fun night of it.

we were in the dark so we could not see much, a small bed light was there but it didn't show a lot of light,  as we talked about what we did he said that he had a parting gift for me and asked me to roll over on my side and put his penis inside of me and began to stroke in and out . that was the first overnighter i have ever enjoyed.

as for growing up around 13 years old i was getting better with my boyhood sex when a group of friends and I stayed in a log cabin my folks owned.  there we talked about what we had done as small boys, all had said that they had *********** and looked at other boys ***** and that was about it.  I had told them about what happened to me and the sex that i had done with other boys and they were excited about that as they all had boners and wanted to experence the things that i had gone through.

so we all gave each other a hand job, this was the first time for some of them to have this done and all were happy with the out come, we also tried oral sex as one boy was talking about it and we wanted to try it ourselves.  As i had some experence on this I gave the first head to my best pal,  I was in love with him I could not get him out of my mind I loved his cut **** so much and he enjoyed pulling my skin back as he grew up with only seeing cut dicks and it was a first for him.  we had all finished what we wanted to do with each other and then went to bed,  I was not finished yet as i wanted to give my best friend a birthday present his family could not give to him.    I moved to his bed and layed  beside him, I think he knew what was going to happen as he just layed there waiting for me to do a deed with him.  I pulled his shorts down and i entered him with a bit of help by my friend and i was there for a while until i had ***. we both enjoyed doing each other that way. the other boys would have wanted that done as well .  So there you have read some of my boyhood sex life, you can read more of stories of my boyhood sex life in other area's of my life.

Why am I telling you all the things i have done, well i can say that i enjoyed what i did as a boy and that i was not gay it was just some boys having fun to gether and enjoying fun with each other.  Not all boys have done all the things i have said but I think they have at least done i or two to each other.   I am not shy to tell my story as things happen in life and if you enjoy what you did then don't be shy about it. try reading what teens are doing to each other today, they are doing the same thing that i was doing 35 years ago. 

I don't know why some men and boys are shy about letting others see your bits we all have one, i am not saying go flashing them about but to enjoy your body and not be afraid of someone seeing you naked.  all my pals were not shy, we could all walk around in our nakedness with out being shy about it and no we didn't always have sex it was about  our freedom and being naked going to the pond for a swim, walking about in our bed rooms and not being shy about it, we were open about our sex lives and boyhood friendship.

maybe later I will have more stories about our friendship and what we did as friends in a sexual and nonsexual way at a later date, It seam that there are only a few stories about boy friendship and would invite you to share your story as well so don't be shy and give it all you got.  god I loved my boyhood sex. 

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May 9, 2009