The Only One Who Understood

My brother was my only sibling. We had the craziest two parents you can imagine, and we both turned out a little weird because of it. He was the only person in the world who truly understood why I was the way I was and who lived through what I lived through. He was funny and kind and he truly lived his life with personal integrity. He always told the truth no matter what. I can't believe he is gone and things will never be the same.

I miss you, Big Brother.

missagnes missagnes
2 Responses May 21, 2012

My mum and were crazy good and mostly bad but I always had my big brother ,but it nearly 19 yrs later im typing this because I still miss him,life does move on but I just want to talk to him or say "what do you think bruv" xxx you can't change how you feel or where your heart lies xxxx

my brother was also my only sibling ,and yes our parents don't always get it,but don't shut yourself away, now go and live for two !!! Be all you can and tell your children all about him,but don't die with him,you owe it to him and your kids to take life full on and give it your all xxxxx

My big brothr died also. He was my only sibling. we too came from a messed up family. i miss him sometimes so much i stay in my room for days at a time. I realize that my parents are grieving also, but im grieving in a different way. im all alone now. i have noone to talk to about our parents, what will happen when my parents are gone, and i have noone to remember growing up? i feel so alone. i miss him more than i could ever imagine. I have 2 children, and i pray that they never have to go through what i have. I keep telling them to stand by each other and be close, because you never know what tomorrow brings. I'll never get that chance to be close to my brother again. Im sorry for your loss, and i can relate to what you are feeling. it will never get easier, or better for me, and i despise when someone says that. all i DO know is ill never see my brother or hear his laugh, even him yelling at me. and i'll never get over that.