Never Will Know Why

hello. well i am here because a month ago ( its going to be the month) my brother was shot to death. unfortunately he was at the wrong place with the wrong people. We dont know why or who did this. and i just cant understand why did this had to happen to my family and me and his wife. My brother did not deserve this. He was 30 years old, recently married, wanting to start a family and very much in love. He had the purest soul ( was a missioner and would predict the word of god ) and everybody just wanted to be around him . With a great life ahead of him and just like that an evil person decides to terminate his life.
now all i think about is him, and how he will always be missed . besides me, my parents and his wife are devastated. We just cant find comfort, hope one day we will feel more in peace.
he was my only brother and the older one ( im 26), dont know how to cope with this . time they say will heal....
i miss him very much :(
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1 Response May 27, 2012

im sorry and i feel your pain, I also lost my brother on July 5th of this year. he was 44 years old and had 2 sons....i think of him and miss him every day....just doesnt seem real to me. i keep waiting for him to call me .....