Jesus Loves Me. One Of His Favorite Songs

yesterday my little brother passed he was only 26 and the youngest of the grandchildren. He was taken by cancer a battle he was fighting with since birth. He was so strong and you couldnt say enough positive things about him. I miss him so much and I just dont know how to deal with him not walking down the hall in the morning or making his tea  he was a huge piece of my life that im just noticing now. im really hitting bottom. what can i do beside cry im so lost
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2 Responses Jun 8, 2012

I too lost my brother 8days ago. One of his favorite songs were "Lord shine on me"....I'm praying for u.

i keep thinking this is a dream or that its just not real and that he'll be walking in the door. im so so so so sorry for the horrible things i thought felt and said. it wasnt you baby brother it was just me being unhappy with myself. I wish i sat in that livingroom with you and watch all those show and so much more im a horrible person and im so so so so very sorry. I love you with all my heart please just know this and please forgive me. I promise I will do just as you have.

He's in a better place and will only remember the good things (because they are all that matter). I know it's difficult but you need to be this side doing the same.
If you don't hold those times and remember them regularly they will become lost ... forever!

Regrets are a waste of energy, let them go and focus on the good things. It's hard, I'd love to tell you that it soon becomes easier ... I'd be lying, you don't get over it you just learn to live with it.

Sit back, close your eyes, let the tears flow and remember ... be at peace