I miss my brother, Jimmy, who died horribly from AIDS 14 weeks ago. He didn't know he was HIV+ until June 25 and by then it was too late because he had pml- progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. It is such a waste of intellect. He was so brilliant and inspiring. Almost 300 came to his service at the fineral home. The bar where he dj'd held a memorial in his honor and had a photo slideshow. I carried his phone with me for the first few weeks just to feel connected. It is so hard to believe and I feel so bad for my mom and my daughter for having to go through this. They are both doing so much better but we will have a hard time through Christmas. We put up his tree and he would have told us how we were doing it wrong. Oh, what I would give to be aggravated by you. Love you big brother.
Helnosud Helnosud
Dec 3, 2012