My Super Amazing Brother...

Ok, I'm 14 now. I had an amazing brother. My mum tells me that he loved me to pieces. He was the only person that could stop me from crying. He taught me to be happy and laugh. In September of 2000, when I was one, he fell off his bike. He had internal bleeding and too much blood got to his brain. He died. Now my mum always shouts at me, I lock myself in my room for most of the day, only coming out for food. I listen to music a lot, and cry myself to sleep because of the things I'll never get to tell him, the memories we'll never have and the thoughts that go round my mind, telling me how useless, worthless and insignificant I am. I'm a nobody, and always will be. My friends tell me that it'll all work out one day, but I find it hard to believe.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I hate it when every one tells you to move on,it will be fine.well it won't ever be the same,but you'll understand a little better after a heart goes out to you!

The beauty of being an adult soon is that you get to decide on how your story ends! Walk toward it one step at a time & know that you do not walk alone xxx

Thanks for the advice. :)