I Miss My Brothers With All My Heart

I lost 2 of my 3 brothers on Thanksgiving day to a drunk driver with no lisense. On the way home from dinner they stopped at a gas station and talked to our friend that worked there and than they were on their way home. They were just pulling onto our street where our house is the corner house. Therefore they were 5 feet away from our driveway. The drunk driver Scott Shallcross was 3 times the legal limit and going 100 mph never stopped and hit Tommys truck square in the gas tank...Tommy was only 22 and Jeremy was only 20. The truck caught on fire as soon as this happened. Jeremy died from the fire....They were unable to get him out due to his being pinned and massiver injuries to all his joints and the fire killed him...They said that Tommy had massive brain injury right away but didnt feel anything due to the extent of his injuries yet they said that they could tell he tried to get Jeremy out of there...Tommy was found outside the car because after he couldnt get Jer out he got outside than dies against the door of the truck...The drunk driver than crawled in the backseat of his car and told the cops that there was a 3rd person who drive and ran away. This who horrible ordeal was witnessed by my mother...my 23 year old sister Sharon and myself (24 years) I was the car in front of the boys...there is not a more horrible thing than to see your brothers stuck in a buring vehicle and not being able to save them...My brothers and I were extremely close...I was closer to Tommy than to any of my siblings yet we were all really close..its just that Tommy lived with my in my apartment for a year. I am constantly thinking about them and i have many breakdowns...I am planning my wedding now and its so hard to plan without them. Tommy was more excited for me to get married than him, Tom Jer and my fiance are extremely close. Also Tommy and Jeremy were supposed to be in green bay for the game with my dad and their best friend Aaron and something happend to where they couldnt make it. Tommy an Jeremy were Aarons best friends for years. Since elementary school. If you knew one you knew them all. He is taking it very hard as well...

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Im sorry for your loss. I can understand your pain as my bro past on 3 days ago. I hope you find a ways to cope.