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He Raised Me.

My mom worked two jobs, my other two brothers were always busy, my dad was never home, and my sister lived with her dad. He's 9 years older than me. He played barbies with me and house, and everything you can imagine. He's gay..and I think that's what I love most about him. But he went to jail 3 days before my birthday because he got into a drunk car accident..he's on probation and is not supposed to be drinking. So his probation thing(sorry, i don't like her, so she is a thing to me) is making him sit in prison for 4 years. He won't be able to watch me graduate high school, or tease all his old teachers with me. Not having you in my life for 4 years, will honestly make me go insane, I already have and it's only been 3 days. What a nice birthday gift. But no matter what happens, Dustin. I'll always love you. Your the best brother a girl could have(:
AloneWithTheSunrise AloneWithTheSunrise 18-21, F 4 Responses Aug 9, 2011

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Nice . Treasure him .

Sounds like a great brother.

Yeah it is/: but i'm used to it, cause he's been in jail so many times before. and I hope so too

:( thats so incredibly tragic. i wish i could help. hopefully he could get out earlier than that.