I Cant Believe Her

although my brother is here now he is no longer the person he once was.hedidnt lie or ignore. and then came candice. hes girlfriend. i knew from the start of their so called relationship that something wasnt quite right about her.but being me i actually gave her a chance. that an no one would listen to me anyway. it turns out that she lied.cheated.and lied somemore.she lied about her age because she was afraid of being judged. then she lied abiut where she went to school because she didnt want to be labled.thats when i steped in an tried to make things right but still no one would listen.after that she cheated on him at a party with some ugly wanna be gangster.and i just happened to be there and accidentally found out. thats when she pulled out her knife and threatened me.then she lied about me and her being cool with each other.and he went to the air fore and came back with out telling me because he wanted to be with her . i saw them at the movies and we havent talked since then. its been a year and it suck becaues i have now almost compleatly lost my once bestfriend and my brother.i miss him

ohyeah we havent talked because according to what my brother said i called her names and threatened her with a knife.*hahah*that ***** ruined everything

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1 Response May 2, 2007

Wht a ***** one day he will realize wht shes really about nd he will apologize to yu when it happens...stay strong ive been there