My Brother Was Cheated Out Of A Normal Life

I wrote a confession some time ago confessing and reflecting on a period in my life that was full of dark anger and senseless destruction plain and simple I was a monster. Since I wrote it I was deeply touched and inspired to finally address the reasons for such a horrible transformation. Thank you my good friend. Well here goes. I have an older brother who used to play with me in woods, I used to follow him around and try to be just like him, he shined me a little bit but he always looked after me and protected me. We were kept apart for many years and that is yet another hurtful story for another time.

My brother is three years older than me, he was supposed to be my guide in life. I walked how he walked. Talked how he talked. He was the coolest guy and everyone loved him. We have a connection that does justice to the term blood is thicker than water. As a matter of fact we have the same blood. We even used look alike. As far as i'm concerned we are one. When I was 12 years old I lived in San Diego California, my brother was 15 years old living here where I am now. My brother was so popular he hung out with 18-21 year olds and definitely the wrong crowd. They were still pretty young kids ******* around in the woods listening to music. Just chillin. Smoking. My brother was a troubled teen. In a lot of way he still is.

The story goes. One day he was hanging out in the streets with a bunch of friends. The stories are all different but some guys in their early 20s shot him in the head with a .30mm revolver. He laid in the street for hours before anyone found him. All his friends probably scared shitless ran home and didn't tell anyone. He was rushed to the Trauma center. Lucky for us we have arguably the best Trauma center in the U.S, it gets a lot of practice around here. They had to lobotomize my brother to save his life. It cost over a Million dollars. In turn his entire left side is paralyzed along with decreased motor function. But he is not retarded, he knows who we all are and he can say out names, just not form sentences. Hes 31 now, still laughs and lays in the bed flipping everyone the bird. He never got a chance to live his life. Hell I don't even know if he ever got laid. But now he lives through me. Now I have found a purpose and desire to live life. I'm still not afraid of death. We visit him, celebrate his birthday, bring him home. We give him cake and ice cream and presents for his birthday. Sometimes we put him in the pool and carry him around.

We tried to do everything we could to work with him and make him better. Ever since that day I feel empty and unfulfilled. Broken inside.
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That's so touching. You are an awesome little bro! 😊

Thank you

Did you ever found the attackers or what was the cause?

No its an unsolved mystery

wow... man I got your back bro!

Thanks cant get enough of that

Wow, a heartbreaking story, but definitely a reason to push on and really live life! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for commenting :)

That's inspiring in a big way. I'm sorry. I wish he hadn't went through this.. Nor you. Heartbreaking. :( He is a fighter.. And you should not feel bad that you couldn't make him be the same, but realize so many would give up on someone after that. Your family deserves so much after this and I hope one day you guys are blessed

Thank you so very much for your sweet beautiful words :)

Not broken. He's just a changed man, but not broken.

Don't let this experience be in vain. So many kids...following the same footsteps as your brother... Why not use this experience to help these young kids turn away from gangs?

It's an incredible story. Someone needs to tell it.

And they need to tell it to those who need to hear it.

God Bless.

This wasnt gang related like you might expect. Thank you for sharing and best wishes :)

Iam vey sorry about this hardship. I really can understand. You are brave to be able to write about this story.

Thank you. Its hard.

Such a sad story. I'm sorry you and your brother have gone through that. You're a wonderful positive person

Thank you sweets :)

There's nothing like the love of a sibling. My sister and I have the same age difference so I can understand the bond that you share. When she hurts I hurt so I couldn't begin to imagine what you felt. You seem like a great brother so just remember when you shine he shines too. Thanks for the nspiring story. :)

Thanks for the beautiful and inspiring comments. :}

aw im so sorry:(

Thank you :)

I felt sad reading this side or your life. I've always seen you as funny and witty man. I hope you be stronger than you know of yourself. You're still fortunate to have a healthy body and to continue loving yourself and your family.

Thank you so much. You really made me happy with this. I find you very interesting aswell. :)

Wow. That's tough. I'm so sorry to hear that. If he still finds a little happiness though then his life is perhaps not completely lost. I wish I had something more supportive to say, but I can't figure out anything. I admire you, for caring for and loving your brother despite everything. All the strength to you. X, QP

Thank you for your kind and supportive words. :)

An inspiring story of strength and love....I am in wishes to you and your family...

Thank you for the support. :)

You are a strong person for sharing this with the world! Its very unfortunate that this happened to your brother but I'm glad that you turned his tragedy into a purpose for you! Keep moving forward and good things will come to you.

Thank you for your kind and powerful words. :)

It take such strength to admit you miss someone who is still here. I work occasionally at a brain injury unit and i know from experience some people never get there. It shows enormous strength of character. Beautifully written.

Thank you for reading and commenting. :)

at age 31 he still have good years left like we all do

Some get better with age ^_^

Thanks for sharing. Puts things in perspective. I have an older brother I looked up to, who ran with the "wrong" crowd and we ended up losing touch.
When you say you found a reason to live, what do you mean? What is your purpose? Couldn't that purpose help fulfill you? Just some questions that came up for me as I read.

Thanks for reading and sharing. My reason to live is to have a son of my own and to adopt a son. One to break the cycle and one to change the world. I just need to find a woman who can help me accomplish this.

Interesting, have you thought about fostering? Why do you want one of each? Having 2 of your own or adopting 2 wouldn't work? Seems a bit rigid as far as plans go...reality rarely fits our best laid plans ;)

I want at least a biological son and one adopted son. I know life throws curve balls but this is my only reason for living.

What about daughters? I'm curious now. ;)

Scared of having girls. Lol.

Girls can be awesome too! :)

And it makes you laugh now? Did it change? Or do you simply see yourself in it?

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i understand you.

Thank you :)

extremely touching.

Thank you muches :)

I just re-evaluated alot of stuff while reading this. So many of us take so much for granted.....
So much love to you and your family. xx

Thank you very much. It only takes 5 minutes to change someones life forever.

Wow! A truly honest and raw story. I had no idea about your family history.

Yea its not something I like to revisit. :(

Thank you for the bravery in sharing your story; I think, in some way, you had a cathartic moment in this writing, and undoubtedly will help others who are in a similar situation.

I'm so sorry to have read what happened to your brother. That must have been a terribly traumatic time for you and your family.
I wish your brother, yourself and your family best wishes.
"For what does not kill you, can only make you stronger"

Thank you very inspiring words. I am like a mountain in the sea. I wish my brother had a better chance.

"A mountain in the sea" what beautiful words...and yes, I feel that you are my dear friend.

I understand that you must miss the brother that you use to know.
Just be there for him when you can, and always keep the wonderful memories of him in your heart.

You bring tears to my eyes. Thank you friend.

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