My Ninja Has Been Missing For 5 Days :( I Miss Him So Much..

while i was sleeping he escaped from a window that i forgot to close in the night. he is a 1 year old cat, eager to experience the great outdoors. i adopted him when he was only 3-4weeks old, an abandon siberian kitten while i was studying in russia. he's the sweetest cat i've ever had. many people tell me not to worry, that he will come back. but i'm still worried and i miss him like crazy, everytime i look at his pillow my eyes water. i imagine him sleeping on it like he always does. i cry everyday worrying about him, i wonder if he misses me too. 

one time he almost died due to a urinary block, i took him to the vet every morning for catheterization until he recovered. and then when i tried to get him home, the airline wouldn't let me reserve a spot for him neither in the cabin nor cargo. i took him to the airport anyways. after so much of tears shed, the manager finally let me take ninja into the cabin, even though he's without reservation and 1kg overweight. it's only been a month since we got here, i've only taken him out around the yard 3 times.

i took midnight walks every night since he got missing, i spread posters and fliers, i asked all my neighbours, i contacted spca. i am at my wits end. i will probably approach a shaman if conventional methods don't work. i truly utterly miss him. i love my ninja and i believe he loves me too. he will come back. it's been raining everyday and night here, my neighborhood gets slightly flooded everytime. god i am so worried beyond words! 
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3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

I hope you find him. My friend's cat escaped from her balcony this summer and was missing for almost two weeks but they finally found him (hungry but fine). I hope you have the same outcome, keep looking, don't give up hope.

I am very sorry this happened. I think he is very close to where you live. I gave this advise to someone on this site who was missing a cat recently. Guess what? It worked and she has her kitty back. Try this. Get a can of salmon, tuna, or any strong smelling fish. Open it up and bang on the tin can and call your kitty's name. Do this at all hours but especially very late at night around ll PM and after. I read cats usually stay close to their territory so walk around within a block or two. I hope it works for you and your beloved kitty is in your arms soon. Don't give up. Keep doing this. I'll be praying and thinking good thoughts for a safe reunion. I know how much this hurts but think positive.

Holy cow, I hope you find him! TT^TT