Sammie Was My Bestest Kitty

We found Sammie about 14 yrs ago. He was a tiny white kitten who had fallen in into a large dumpster outside our apt. He was one of a large litter of beautiful strays that hung about. He hid from us almost his entire kitten-hood. One of his brothers visited him at the window when we were at work. He would leave is toys on the sill. One day another stray, a gray tabby came to stay. She was his love. He never accepted another cat. Tigray battled with mammary cancer - we were able to abate it naturally. And after 4 years w/o symptoms she passed about a 4 months ago.

Sammie missed her. But he was a devoted loving kitty. He was so smart. He learned how to unlock two types of childproof latches to get into the garbage.He played fetch. He knew just how to cheer me up. He would sit in my lap or on my chest and purr and purr. He liked riding on my shoulder. He never liked strangers and would growl, run and hide when anyone rang the bell.

At 3 he was diagnosed with IBS, and after working with a homeopathic vet and changing his diet, he was cured. He was in great health most of the rest of his life. He developed a mass blocking his esophogus and I decided to put him down on Friday. He couldn't eat for two weeks, vomiting everything up. At first I thought it was his stomach. Two vets and one specialist later I saw the image of the mass. The entire time he remained vital and energetic. It was a terribly difficult decision. It will take a long time to get over the loss.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I'm sorry, I know it's a gut wrenching decision. He was a beautiful kitty, I hope you're doing okay.

I am so sorry for your los, I know how hard that decision was for you, he be waiting for you in heaven.<br />
I have lost my Larry (male cat) in March this year to Diabetis, I found him as a stray and had him for 14 years. Hopefully you will take in another stray and give him/her a good home. I still have 9 cats all of them have been strays, they are my kids.