My Friend For 8 Years Gone

Three nights ago I was laying in bed It was around 2:00 am, I heard my cat outside fighting. He has a hole in the screen door so He can come in/out anytime.{he was happier this way} I had him 8/9 years. I called his and name went outside. We have a 1/2 acre fenced yard that he roams for lizards, birds, etc. I heard howling and then I knew.

The next morning I searched on the horse trail behind me, but still no Roll. {thats his name} Coyotes frequent are neighborhood. Three other cats of ours dissapeared. But Roll was so cautious. He Had such a keen scense of danger. But his fighting I heard that night were his last. I found fur on my neighbors fence. When I looked in her yard I saw TONS of fur. OH MY BABY! These FUCKEN coyotes jumped an 8ft block wall, and ripped my lovely friend apart. They killed her 2 dogs about a 6months before. They fed on my cat in her yard. I found my poor babys jaw, and upper mouth. His little teeth I cared for and got cleaned, were now in my hand. no face, no head, just his jaw and his beauitful fur. His fur was ripped off with the skin still attached. OH MY BABY!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO DIE!!!!!! His fur he would clean with such pride, were now in clumps in my hand. I gathered every bit of his beauitful fur every piece of him that I could see. I wanted to bring him home. These Coyotes have another thing coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 Responses Jan 15, 2008

I can`t tell you how sorry I am to hear this happened, my heart goes out to you I can`t imagine what that would have been like. Hauntingly traumatic

I am so sorry.

OMG! I'm soooo sorry to read this.<br />
I just wrote my story about what happened Kookie. I said I believed she was well, somewhere.<br />
Deep down, I know those effen cyotes got her. :(

This made me cry so much. <br />
Like actually. <br />
I hate coyotes. They are all over my neighborhood and I always used to fear for my cat because she loved sneaking outside during the night. <br />
I am so, so sorry.

im so sorry to hear about your loss... its terrible to lose a pet that you have for so many years.. I know how you heart aches for your loss.... Damn those coyotes...!!!