I Miss My Snickers So Much

My cat snickers was 1 year and 9 months. He was always an inside cat, so the vet said there was no need to get him vaccinated. Recently I moved to the country and he had been anxious to go outside, but I wouldn't let him because I was afraid something would happen to him. Yesterday, 4-23-2012, as my boyfriend opened the front door, Snickers ran out. I looked for him, but no luck. I went to get my son from school, and when I got home, my boyfriend had already let Snickers back in. He told me that he was acting as if he were going to throw up. I figured it was a hair ball. Then I noticed Snickers was acting weird. I examined him and saw that he was bleeding. I packed him up and took him to the vet. She said we only had 2 options since he wasn't vaccinate, and something had clearly attacked him. Either euthanize him and test for rabies, or send him away to be put in a double cage quarantine for 6 months. Well, I thought long and hard, and I know my cat needs physical touch to survive. The quarantine would not allow that. He would be fed through the cage that's only big enough for him to move around a little. I loved him so much, but I could not bare to have him confined that way for 6 months. He would never want that. So I reluctantly decided to have him euthanized. I can't stop crying. I'm so depressed. And if the rabies test comes back negative, I'd just die. I miss my Snickers more than anything.
Zayahsmommie Zayahsmommie 26-30, F 3 Responses Apr 24, 2012

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Hey Zayahsmommie, I can only...say one...thing. Ohhhhhhhh! I'm soo sorry about your Snickers. I know you miss him sooo much.

The same thing happened to my dear cat "Muffin". Only slightly different. We moved Not city to country, but country to city. But we too lost our beloved cat. We *were* living in the country, and Muffin *was* an outdoor cat. But being way out in the country, she had no worries about cars.

Then my wife & I moved into the suburbs of a city, with a very busy street. We tried real hard to keep Muffin indoors, but she was so anxious to get out. We...very...hesitantly...decided, to let her out. Oh boy!! that was the wrong choice.

One day, I came home from work, and...found...she...had...been run over, by a car. I knew she was dead. She was already stiff as a board.

We buried her under my favorite tree, in the front yard.

But more recently, we had to put our beloved dog "Dutchess" down. She started acting strange one day. She could hardly walk around the house. She was always sleeping...more then usual. My wife & I shook our heads "Honey, she did have all her shots, didn't she?" (She had). We took her to the vet in hopes of saving her. We couldn't. Her breed a "Pomeranian/terrier mix. (more Pom). Due to her age (she was 14), she had permanent neurological damage.

"Dutchess" is now buried also in the front yard, under a flowering tree.

Friends told us to go to the ASPCA and get another dog. I DON'T WANT ANOTHER DOG! I...WANT..."Dutchess"! She was far more then "just our dog." She was family, and how do you replace a family member. You can't.

Sorry for my rambling. We had to put our Dutchess down just 2 weeks ago. I needed someplace to vent our grief. Is there a EP Group called "I Miss My Dog"? Please tell me.

(This is an edit & update. After I finished writing this comment to you, I did a EP Search for "I Miss My Dog." I found 4 groups that fulfills my needs. Someplace I can vent my grief. Thanx again. H.{:-{)> ).

Anyway, Zayahsmommie. I'm sorry for your loss. Snickers was not just a cat, she was "family."

Respectfully yours, Heathland {:-{)>

PS: You said nice things to "roadofdarkness". Your 2 advice comments for one of her confessions.Roadofdarkness is an EP Friend in my Circle. She's a very nice caring person. Thanx for caring for her.

You done the best thing, bless Snickers.... Go and get another Cat, it will help you get through this and give you ever lasting memories by the comparison of the new feline and Snicks... ;-) R2L

You made a kind decision. I'm sorry you lost your friend. You will never forget him and I know it will hurt for a long time. I am a cat person, so I know the pain of losing your little furry buddy.

Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot.

You're welcome.