I Miss My Cat: Mona Mayfair

I grown up with cats; I have had three of my own. I had a wild black Siamese: Spooky, and tough tortoiseshell: Mama. This is about my latest cat name Mona Mayfair. (My boyfriend helped me name her; she named after an Anne Rice vampire character.) She was a prissy, fussy, free-spirited calico. She was the cuddliest cat I have ever had, she loved cuddling on my chest and she knew I was her owner, her mama.
She love causing mischief: when she was kitten she hid in a basket for hours while we looked for her. She would irk anyone doing something: me or my mom would work at the table and she would have to be in the middle of it. My brother would be playing video games when she would want to cuddle.
She was awesome mama as she took care of kittens that we found and her own: she had three kittens until I got her spaded. (We wanted to more her to our apartment, but the manager wanted her declawed too, and I will not do that to my cats.)
Her birthday was June 5, 2008 and I got her July of that year from my boyfriend. What was weird was she was an indoor cat and as soon as I got her shots and spaded, she acted more wild than she was before.
However it was New Years Eve when she slipped outside while my mom was doing laundry, normally she comes back. However it took her a day to come back this time and she wasn’t feeling or acting right. (My mom said as I was living with my boyfriend, in an apartment with a horrible pet policy.) She got sick and they found her dead January 6, 2012. It kills me that such a cuddly kitty had to pass away. I still miss her.

I made a video on you tube for her. http://youtu.be/86XedBawess
RebekahWriter13 RebekahWriter13
31-35, F
May 7, 2012