I Recently Had To Put My Childhood Pet Down.

I had Issy for about as long as I could remember. She was a small, black cat, very light, who tolerated me holding her and loved to sleep on anything soft and warm.

But the years had caught up with her and she started deteriorating, fast. First she couldn't run up the stairs as quickly as she used to and she started sleeping more. One day, a tooth fell out, and then another. Later, she seemed to struggle to walk much at all, and started loosing weight, fast. As her age progressed, her fur started to become less soft, she lost more and more weight, and we suspected she was starting to get arthritis in her joints. By the end, she refused to eat and would lie around, clearly in terrible pain. We had to put her down.

I'm not used to not having her around, so it still really bothers me. My parents don't want another cat, so until I have the money together, I can't have a kitty. I always half expect to see her laying on the couch or walking about, it sucks.

Thanks for listening.
Cutezombiedoll Cutezombiedoll
18-21, F
Jul 10, 2012