She Never Came Back..

I had my cat for 12 years, ever since i came to the united state at 6 years old. She was my best friend, i had this bond with my kitty like no other. She was sweet, and whenever i cried she would come lay down next to me. She took care of me . She was always an outside kitty, but we moved to this new house and she ran out, which i think my moms stupid boyfriend did it on purpose. Its been almost a month and my angel never came back. What hurts the most is wether shes dead or alive i dont know. I wanted to make sure i always had her with me forever.. i wanted to cremate her however you spell it. But shes gone, and i dont think ill ever be at peace.

Its not gonna stop me from saving other kitties out there. i love animals, and i rescued my cat from a shelter. But the emptyness in my heart will always be there..
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1 Response Jul 22, 2012

Im am so sorry :( I had the same thing happen to me last year. My cat I had four almost three years just ran away one day and in the bg city no less. She never came home and I searched shelter after shelter with no luck. Until one day someone answered my posters I had put out. It was an elderly couple who had found my cat in a horrible state by their local park. They nursed her back to health and took amazing care of her. I had the chance to take her back but after all they did for her I decided it was best to leave her. Maybe the same thing will happen to your cat if she doesn't come home. Maybe she will find a nice loving family. It hurts now but I promise over time it will get better :) if you ever want to chats feel free to message me.

Thank you for your reply. Im sorry , but maybe it was ment to be for your kitty. I miss mine so so much. i try not to think about it anymore.. i end up crying. But hopefully shes in a better place.