One Of The Toughest Decisions Of My Life...

Our cat, like most cats was very solitary so by the time I found out she had a ruptured tumor it was to late.
My wife and I have been separated for 4 months now, she moved back in with her parents until she could get her own place to stay.
That being said, I was keeping the cat until she did.
All that  being said, when I notices that the cat had not eaten in several days I went looking for her to see if she was ok.  when I found her I noticed the tumor on her belly, a place she normally won't let you near.  It broke my heart. especially since I knew to probable outcome.  I called my estranged wife to let her know I was taking the cat to the vet and why and told her to meet me there.

I know I am rambling but as I sit here I need to release somehow. I am generally not the type of person to open these types of feelings up to even my closest friends. Its just the way I am.  Here I can anonymously vent.

Once I got the to the vet and he had a moment to take a look at her, he explained that, while he could remove the ruptured tumor, it was at a stage that no matter what was done she only had at best 6 months to live.
When my wife finally arrived the vet explained to her was was wrong and the options.  After showing my wife the tumor, we decided to let her go and have her put to sleep.  If we kept her alive for whatever time she had left she would have ended up in great pain before she passed.  

We let her go.

 I can't stop crying.   
EDantes EDantes
41-45, M
Sep 19, 2012