Charlie-tortouise Shell Gone Wild

i miss my male tortoise shell charlie,he used to sleep in my bed with me and on my chest and always sat next to me. i had him since a kitten and 3 years later he wudnt let my family upstairs, they had to get me to move him because he attacked them. it seems wed made a bond between just us. shortly after he started staying out later and later. i started missing him and couldnt sleep knowing he was out that late. then shorty after he didnt come home at all :'(. i had a nightmare shortly after that he was on my window cill and he started shrinking and he bcame a feutus. its been 5 years since hes gone now but last year i started seeing him not far away.then one day i was on the same side of the road and i called his name and he ran over to me. i knelt down and he climbed up my leg purring and rubbing his face against mine. i was so upset i couldnt take him home because i have a new male cat. then just as we were getting re aquainted another cat ran over and he ran off :'( i was maybe just about to pick him up and take him with me aswell at the time. i havent seen him since and i hope hes ok. i cant bare to think hes been hurt or killed. He was my first and it took years of begging with my parents to allow me to have him. i only have 1 photo that still exists of him. i wish i could see him again :). hell always be my baby
allan1311 allan1311
22-25, M
Dec 7, 2012