Lost Another Cat Just Today

Just a year over losing one cat to cancer, it's happened again. It was a different kind this time. It all started over a month ago when she started acting like one of her rear legs was hurt. I waited a week to see if it'd go away but it didn't so I took her to the vet. They X-rayed her and it looked like a cartilidge issue. The vet said many times these heal w/out intervention and given the cat's age, she wanted to avoid anasthesia. So I waited a couple more wks. but it only got worse. I called the vet and she said OK, time to do surgery as by now she had symptoms for 4 wks.

I scheduled her for surgery a week later; that'd be today. I took her in this AM and the vet told me the leg joint was much more swollen than before and so they wanted to X-ray again. They did and the vet showed me the 'graphs: Cancer around the joint. She said that they could amputate the leg and stave off the cancer if it hadn't spread. To check they'd need to X-ray her body.

The worst showed up: cancer in her lungs and abdomen. In a matter of weeks, my cat was overtaken by cancer. Not the same kind as with my cat who died last yr., but nonetheless just as fast.

I had already resolved not to repeat my mistake of last yr. My cat was in pain and that's how it'd be til she died. Chemo was not an option. So I did what I had to do.

At least I got to hold her and say goodbye. I held her while the vet injected her with the overdose that killed her. At least I got to cry while I was with her and before she died. This time it turned out so much better for everyone involved, esp. the kitty. No long suffering like my other cat because I didn't know well enough to let her go. This one died painlessly, filled with pain meds, and quickly with the drug the vet used.

I miss her terribly, already. Her name was Angel. I also called her Mittens because of her white paws. She was gray with a white underside. She was my beloved, like they all are. She was very special... she squeaked more than meowed. She cuddled right up next to me at nights, pressing herself it seemed against my leg. She would almost smile and purr at me while I scratched her chin or head. Just like my Penny who died last year, I'll always love my little Angel-cat. I hope very much one day to see her on the other side.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

I'm sooo sorry for your loss. I had to cry so much reading this, because it reminded me of my cat that died 5 weeks ago of cancer. We'll see our cats at the rainbow bridge. They're waiting for us. I really believe that. :'))

Love, and all the best

Thank you, Alex. It really is so sad that they just don't have longer lifespans. When it's cancer, it just spreads so quickly and overtakes them so fast. I so wish we could cure them when they get sick like that. At least I know she was loved all her life. I can be certain of that.

Oh yes. When I was at the doc with my new adopted cat, he said to me that my little cat (which died) had a tumour that was as big as a walnut. Unbelievable. But I'm happy that she's painless now. And the best of all: free.

Bless your beautiful cats. I've never had an animal, you're very lucky to have one. I hope your cats in yhe future will live long, healthy lives. : )