Miss My Kitty Cat...................

I lost my beloved little girl Befana about 3 weeks ago. I had two cats one which remains with me. I have had to keep the cats in a separate room due to the fact we have now 3 dogs. Two Rotties (one just wants to kill cats!) therefore best to keep them separate. My sweet little girl was perfectly fine where ever she was in the room or outside etc. NOW MY MALE CAT HE IS APPRX 12 yrs or so. He can be a total butt-head...he whines, and carries on and on, scratches at the door act up awful. He can mellow out to at times. He has always been a problem child.

I am not sure if the other one being gone is making him worst or not? My husband seems to think so. He wants me to get another one so it can keep him company....I really don't see it making a difference. I don't want any more animals.

IF ANYONE OUT THERE knows how to keep an old male cat at ease I am up for suggestions. THX

aradia11 aradia11
56-60, F
Dec 12, 2012