Speedy, My Little Princess.

My little princess was put into sleep like.. 5 weeks ago. And I still can't stop crying everynight.. I grew up with her.. Sorry for my bad English, but I'm writing this with tears flowing down my cheeks. She was almost 3 years old and she was the best thing in my life; She was here whenever I needed her. She slept in my bed with me every night, I watched TV with her, she stayed up with me all night to watch movies and listening to music.. and now.. she's not here anymore. My princess had a tumour in her stomach, so she couldn't eat anymore. The food didn't even get into her mouth and all the medicaments didn't help anymore.. We have another cat, which is 8 years old, Simon. She's here since I'm a baby, and I hope she'll be here forever. And after the death of my cat, we adopted another cat. She's so sweet. But she just can't replace my princess Speedy..

Well, I know now that my princess is in heaven, waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I know she does.. I hope she has no pain anymore. I hope I'll see her again..

alexmissesherprincess alexmissesherprincess
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bless her little soul.rest in peace princess

Hey Alex,

In February this year, I got a dog. We named him Newton. I was 2 months pregnant...Newton was 2 months old...

On October 3, 2012, I gave birth to my son whom we named Jin. Newton was 9 months old.

3 days later, Newton went out for a walk with my sister's boyfriend. When he bent down to pick up his poop...Newton escaped from his leash. A Speeder drove by right that second...and hit our dog. The driver didn't stop after running our dog over. He knew that he hit our dog...but speeded away the moment it happened.

Our family was in tears...as we were really looking forward for Newton to meet Jin...

I wasn't discharged from the hospital yet because my son was born very small, he needed some extra special care...so I found out about Newton's death a couple of weeks late.

He was the most amazing dog. He knew over 30 different types of tricks...at 9 months. You can't just train any dog that many tricks in that span of time. He knew everything. From sit to speak to crawl, to walk, to bow, to play hide and seek..........he knew it all.

For 24 years of my life, my family was broken. Never once did we ever have dinner together. Never once did we ever watch tv together. Never once did we speak to one another.

When Newton came...all that changed. We laughed...we played...it was bliss.

Of course, when Jin was born, I moved out of my house...but I still miss Newton to bits.

Luckily the breeder whom we got Newton from still kept one of the pups...Newton's brother. He heard the story...and decided to breed Newton's brother with a white Maltese.

We are expecting a little pup in April...Newton's nephew.

Even though we will be replacing Newton...........he will always be there in our hearts.

I miss our pup to bits and pieces. Every dog is different...just like every person is unique. We know in our hearts that Newton will never come home. It breaks my heart.

I'm sorry to hear about your Princess.

May she rest in peace...because I know how you feel.

Thank you for sharing.

Your story made me cry.. I know how you feel. And this feeling will never go away. But I know that he's coming to visit you and your son, and in April his nephew. (By the way: congrats for your baby!)

Some people say that animals don't have a soul. Well, but why do they give us so much love and such a good feelings? Because they have soul. When we suffer, they suffer. When we're happy, they're happy.. :) Thank you so much for your response. Thank you, it means so much to me.

Wish you all the best with your new pup!