My Furever Friend...winston

my darling cat had just turned 2 and he went missing, I had this gut feeling something had happened as he always comes in for breakfast..I went looking for him for a few hours and my neighbours found him in their garden. He has terrible injuruies so I rushed him to the vet and they said it was touch and go, he had a 5 hour operation and hung on for 5 days but in the end the vet said he was going down hill and we made a decison nt to put him through anymore pain and let him go to sleep. The vet said it was an animal attack or a road injury and I just hope he would not have suffered in the time I took to find him.

I cannot stop crying and I feel nobody seems to understand how much I miss him, silly things remind me of him and I cant get over the feeling I will never see him again. I blame myself for not finding him sooner although I know I am sure I done all I could to find him..

I feel comfort in these stories and no I am not alone in how I feel.

I love you Winston and always will xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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thank you both for your messages of support. I still cry everyday and I odnt think anyone can umderstand why as to them he was just a cat, but he was my cat and I loved him like he was a little human.
I have just got a rescue cat called Japser as I have 3 others but was so used to getting things for 4 cats and couldnt get used to just 3. He has helped fill a small hole but he will never replace Winston but is helping me laugh again with his funny ways.
I am so sorry that you both lost your cat and we can use each other for support if we need it as its hard for some to understand.
lots of love to u both xxxx

I understand that feeling all too well. I lost my baby boy who was only 3 years old. Like your winston, mine also went missing and I also knew something was wrong. Only I never found him. The animal control people did and I got that horrible call just this past Valentines day. I am still in mourning and can not get my darling smokey out of my heart and mind. His sister teegra also misses him alot as they were very close. No one understands the pain we feel except for those who have also lost their beloved pets. Its such an empty feeling when I walk into my house. He was there to always greet me. He was attached to me and I was so much in love with him. Im so sorry for your loss and I hope time will help you heal just a little, We have the memories and I hope that soon you will be able to think of him and smile. Take care and hope you find peace in knowing others on this site understand your loss.

My dear cat Lummox was put to sleep on Saturday and it feels like the end of the world. I did not stay till the end as I was so upset, which I bitterly regret now. The vet knew him well he was 21 which makes a big hole in my life, which my husband does not understand. Everyone says you have 21 years of memories, but it does not stop the guilt or pain of it all. I know how you feel and wish you well, I know in my head it was the right thing and cats do not have the knowledge of us humans, so all we can do is our very best like you did for your cat, you cannot stop them going off, having accidents or getting ill. I look forward to getting those happy memories back and hope you achieve this too.