Pet Mommy!

We as pet lovers become very attached to our pets, and why not. They are by the front door when you get home ( you can leave for five minutes and get the same reaction  from them as if you have been away FOREVER!) They do not judge, or disappoint, they just accept. When you experience the loss of a pet it hurts. The best way for me to heal after the loss of my beloved pet is too go down to the local animal shelter and (not replace my pet) but too give a good home to a pet that needs one. I hope this helps.
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

They truly love us unconditionally. They see us naked and continue to love us just as much. I agree with you regarding heading for the shelter to adopt after losing a furry friend. I wish I could adopt them all

i personally had(kinda still do) a hard time gettin over my kitten MIA's death...i was sooooo upset i cried for days..ppl thought i was crazy or somethin but i have a new kitten named Oreo..(very cute&crazy) lol but i still cant help to miss my kitten MIA...