My Beloved Best Friend.

My cat , Spotty, I grew up with he was my first pet, and my 6th birthday present. I've had him for 18 years, I use to dress him up in doll cars and stroll him around and my doll carriage and he'd lay inside of the carriage with such excitement gleaming in his eye it doesn't matter what we did together he has always stuck by me. I remember as a child and even as a teenager he followed me wherever I would go, including the washroom. He would mistake socks for mice and even in the middle of the night, walked around with a pair in his mouth while meowing letting me know that he had found something, didn't matter clean or dirty, he made me laugh. He was black and white and very tall on his hind legs he stood 2.5 feet. He would rest wrapped around my shoulder and for kicks if you bent over to put your shoes on he'd jump on your back and sit down!. Yesterday was the hardest decision putting him to sleep, he had kidney failure that hit suddenly and he was declining. Spotty was the happy go lucky cuddly cat, we had a spiritual tight knit bond that could never be broken, he was my best friend and companion. When I had to put him to sleep I made the decision of putting him first above my self so that he wouldn't have suffered, because the heartbreak of watching him suffer hurt more then the pain of losing him that is how much love I had for Spotty. I will never forget him, he braught my such joy everyday, and the thought of seeing him again , one day brings me comfort, but still feels so far away, like this moment in time is standing still. I'm not sure myself if the pain of loosing a best friend like my cat, could ever heal completely , nor will i ever forget him and the thought of never seeing him again in waking life feels unbearable, but I know he will always be with me, how could you ever forget such a beautiful creatures unconditional love ? he has left a huge imprint and space in my heart I have another kitty I love dearly, but the love I had for Spotty is untouchable and incomparable to anyone or anything. I am so thankful and greatful that I had these 18 years worth of memories to cherish and always have with me. A pet is not mans best friend we are theirs.
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My cat Shelly had to be put to sleep in 2007 because she had stomach cancer. Even to this day, when I think of her I cry so I think it's safe to say that the pain will not go away for quite some time and even when it does, the yearning will always be there. She had no strength but before they gave her the shot, she stood up and leaned towards me as if to comfort me bc I was crying too much and so I calmed down so that she wouldn't get stressed out and then I started to pet her and told her to get some rest and she relaxed. I watched as her pupils expanded and her spirit slipped away. It was so painful. It broke my heart bc it all happened so fast. She was only 8 yrs old and I had her for 7 yrs (adopted from a shelter). I wanted to give her more space in a new home bc we lived in a small 1 bedroom apartment but she didn't make it. We finally were able to move the following yr after she passed and I feel so bad to this day bc she should still be here now. I would have prefered to have all 18 yrs than her going so soon but I just hope she's in a better place. I have two dreams about her being cold and blue and she trying to reach me but I couldn't reach her.