I Miss The Little Shithead

A few months ago, me and my roommate found a cat sitting outside our window. We named him Oliver, so whenever he meowed for food, we could say, 'MORE??' My roommate started to hate him, because he'd occasionally **** in the floor and (according to my roommate) because Oliver **** on him once while he was asleep.
My roommate kicked him out, and at first I didn't care. But seeing him everyday on our porch finally got to me, and I'd bring him in whenever my roommate was asleep or out of the house.
Anyways, I moved out recently, and I can't stop thinking about that cat. I'm worried he's been chewed to bits by some bigger animal, or he's starving somewhere in a ditch.

I miss you, Oliver. I'm sorry I couldn't bring you with me.
miserablemissionary miserablemissionary
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013