I met Belle in 1998 when as stray she wondered into my garden and flopped down in front of me. She was a very pretty long haired black and white cat with piercing green eyes. I said goodbye to her in December 2012 when one hot day I found her dying under the neighbours house. She was at least 17 years old.

In the 15 years we were together she was the most fearless but also the sweetest tempered and most affectionate cat I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. She was just remarkably adaptable,easy going and laidback for a cat.

I don't know how many times we moved,but she always handled it with grace and aplomb-well she would sit glaring and twichy tailed as her home yet again dissapeared into boxes,but on moving day she never 'did the bolt' as so many might but would settle down somewhere comfy in the car.

She also had the dubious pleasure of many 'in-between homes' arrangements,many with friends and aquaintences up and down the coast-some with dogs. There were a couple of tree rescues when she'd been frightened on a call of nature but mostly she just picked a spot near me and settled in (hoping for a joint or bong to be passed around..I smoked alot of pot over those years and she was quite partial to it-that may sound just 'wrong' to some,but it was what it was..)

I also had to sneak her into motels a couple of times-Belle would stay still as stone if I hastily threw something over her when the 'housekeeping' knock on the door came. And not move till they had left again.

Something that Belle really enjoyed was camping. There were 5 years in a row there where we camped for 3 months of the year doing seasonal work. Little Belle was in her element. She would make visiting rounds,jumping on laps,toasting herself by different fires. She would walk me down the road in the darkness of the early morning,chasing moths and pouncing on leaves in the moonlight and wait with me for my lift to work at the farm.

Belle was a cat who truly loved life. I could write for a long time of her adventures,her misadventures and her many friends over the years,both animal and human...maybe another time. I truly miss my good friend and faithful companion. She gave to me a consistent and unwavering love over the most turmultuous years of my life. She was my rock in a very chaotic time,the one friend who was with me through it all. To be honest,she put up with a lot from me,her nurturer. Though never a lack of love,and in return showed me a devoted love herself. She was a true friend. Rest In Peace Belles, I love you.
rustyfrog rustyfrog
36-40, F
Feb 12, 2013