Sad Day

Yesterday my mom and I noticed my big outdoor tabby Tibbs looking very sick and uncomfortable on our patio.  We knew something was wrong but our in-town vet was away for the day and the next closest vet hospital is two hours away.  So, we made him a bed with some food and water right next to it in case he felt like eating and decided to wait and take him the the vet in the morning. Well, poor Tibbs got worse and the vet said it would take an expensive and long surgery process to try and help him get better and there were no guarantees that it would actually work.  Since my family is tight on money as it is, we had to put Tibbs to sleep this morning.  If we had driven the two hours the day before it is possible that he could have been saved.  I feel so guilty and I miss Tibbs so very much.  He was the most lovable cat ever and loved to be petted.  He would follow me around the house and yard for attention and would always be waiting patiently at the door whenever I got home from school.  I have so many good memories of him and can't believe that there won't be anymore. I am so depressed. I could have saved him but I waited and he had to be put down :(.  It was just so unexpected. He was only 5 years old. I thought we had many more years together but now he is gone. 

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2009

You poor baby! I have been there, and it hurts so bad, and you feel guilty too. Try to realize that if was that sick, overnight might not have made a difference in the long run. Unless he had an accident (was hit by a car), he may have been getting slowly ill for some time, and you didn't know it. Cats are so laid back and stoic in a way that they can disguise many problems from us. They sleep 20 out of 24 hours normally LOL, how can we tell if they are really feeling bad? As you get older and have more cats (And you will!), you will learn to pay attention to subtle things and be more aware of what's normal and what's not. You will talk to the vet and other cat people and learn a lot. I lost my first three cats out of ignorance and stupidity, and i was much older than you!<br />
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Cherish the many good memory that you have of Tibbs. They will always be there. Hopefully, you have a picture of him to tteasure too. Was Tibbs his full name? I had a wonderful old guy named Tybalt (from Romeo and Juliet), but I called him Big Old Baby Tibbles most of the time. :)<br />
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Also, don't let anyone denigrate (run down) your grief over the loss of your friend. Allow yourself as much private time as you need to grive for him. If anyone lost a friend they had for 5 yrs, they would be sad. Maybe you can think of something to do in memeoriam of him -- donate some money to a cat charity in his name, write more about him here on the site (There'sa I Lost a Beloved Pet Circle that is very active.) Pray that he is happy wherever cats go when they die. wait until you have recovered from your loss to get another cat. Think: When I am ready for the best cat for me, I will find it. You will know when that happens. Trust me. The next one will be special in a different way from Tibbs, but still special for you. Let me know what happens, OK? Bless you and Tibbs.

Sorry about your loss:>(<br />
I'm sure that you loved him and he knew it.<br />
Cherish the memories when you can.