Missing Miles

my cat miles passed away this past Friday. He was only 2. He had feline leukimia. Although I only had him for two years he was my friend. He followed me everywhere and was always asleep on me. He used to put his paws around me and go to sleep. When ever i was on the computer he would lay accross my hand so I couldn't use the mouse. He always woke me up a few minutes before the alarm by rubbing his nose on my face. He was the only one in the house that would greet me at the door.

I will miss him very much. I hope wherever you are little man you are happy.


Love you miles!

milesjpennyworth milesjpennyworth
2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Having lost my own cat George only yesterday - I understand - I was fortunate to have had Geroge as my "owner" for 18 years - and the loss is intense. I hope you begin to heal quickly and that you remember with a smile all the joy he brought you, it is that which will get you through.

Hello. I'm so sorry to hear about Miles. Pets are such a comfort, aren't they? Just try to hang in there and give yourself some time. Perhaps when the time is right, you'll find yourself bringing home a brand new furry feline friend. I know one can't replace the other, but I'm sure there's a kitty out there who needs you just as much! Good luck...<br />