My Precious George

Almost 18 years ago I went to pick up a cat - giveaway - she said he was only little, on arriving George weighed in at 8kg - his mum was 13kg - so I can understand their basis for comparison.  George was a talker from day one - he always came when he was called - even if it was just for a snuggle.  He loved scratches under the chin and playing with the feather duster - and being held to watch me prepare his dinner.  George was so loving and so the most beautiful cat in the world - ok I am biased.  George travelled from Adelaide to Sydney then to Brisbane, and moved twice more - he took in all in his stride, always finding new places to sneak away into for the day.  He began to slow down a bit about 5 years ago - and especially in the last 12 months - sleeping easily 23 hours a day.  Then about a month ago he started to go down hill.  If I hadn't put him to sleep yesterday he would have starved to death - his poor little body just wasn't working any more.  He stayed as long as he could - and as long as I could let him.  The vet gave me the option of just bringing him home - that would have been cruel - for him and me.  The end was too fast for me - hardly enough time to thank George for 18 years of love and affection.  And now he is gone and I am so very sad.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

My heart really goes out to you.I really know how you feel as I recently lost my little furry friend to an unfortunate accident..You were really fortunate to have him for so long.I have since adopted a kitten from the shelter and he is the sweetest thing in the world.Wish you the best.

Life is Library.<br />
Love. is Temporary.<br />
God is Great.<br />
Life. is sweet.<br />
Yestrday is Waste.<br />
Today is Best..<br />
Tomorow is Taste.<br />
So Enjoy evryday..<br />
and make me your Kittan