Chewie How I Miss Him

Yes, i named my black and white cat Chewie aka Chewbacca just because when he was a kitten of maybe 3-4 months old  (he was a wild cat from my backyard that i caught) he made a slight garggling sound that chewie in star wars made so i was like...chewie...yep that fits you, though i didn't know his gender yet.  Chewie i had for nearly 4 years and was THE best cat friend ever. I've had tons of special cats over the years but he...was like my other soul mate, my best of best friend. He was big for his size ( if he stood up on his back paws he'd be almost as long as my entire leg to my knee). I always took excellent care of him because i always wanted a black and white cat...long hair too but he was just..special and unique. We understood eachother like you wouldn't believe, he was like me but in cat form lol. He was like a kid at times but yet a dog too. We'd always rub heads together, he'd often get on his back legs put his front paws on my leg and let me rub his sides ( just  like a dog) and or i'd pick him up and carrying him around like a toddler and he'd sometimes literally wrap his arms around my neck and squeeze..just like a hug, then kiss my cheek with his nose or tongue then do a head rub.  he L-O-V-E-D bellyrubs, he'd often follow you around or wait for you to walk up to him and then do a  quick side plop, exposing his belly and sometimes if he REALLY wanted a bellyrub even after you just gave him one, he'd walk right in front of you plop again...and if you kept on walking he'd STILL follow you.  There was a couple of times he did this of where i would be talking to my mom and i'd be petting him or he'd be kicking back, he'd rub right up next to me but then literally climb up my back and sometimes wrap his arms around my neck to hold on and it'd be like a piggy back ride, which i'd still walk around and he'll be just be hanging on my claws and love it!


I also remember there was this one time, i was accidently annoying him with something so he 'bite' me ( his bites are usually very gentle and don't hurt) but this time,  he bit my finger but accidently  went through the skin and actually  to the bone or somewhat close, but then he realized that  his teeth were stuck so i told him very easily that, to "wait...hang on, i know you're stuck and you don't mean to hurt me but don't push in any further or else you really will hurt me and i know you don't want to do that. Let me help ok?  Now i'm gonna slowly grab your teeth and help pull them out ok? try to not move ok?" luckily he wasn't really moving except slowly trying once to get his teeth out but then patiently waited for me to pull them out  without moving.  So , i still have the scar (though i  should have gotten stitches) but it's a good memory while another time we grabbed another wild kitten from another breed of cats in our backyard and after about a week or so i noticed he was starting to act jealous and started to become kinda mean so  i told him that " since there's a new kitten in the house and i know you feel jealous..don't be, though i still love you very much , he's little and much younger than you and doesn't know what you already know because you already learned it..because you're older than him, so don't feel like i love him more than you, because i love you guys about the same, it's just he's little and doesn't know any better..ok? So give him a chance." then he mowed as in 'ok i understand' then we hugged and he understood this because his behavior completely changed the next day after i 'talked' with him.  he pretty much got the idea that though there was another kitten in the house that yes..he was still my #1 and became ok with the kitten. Yes you may find this a little strange but that's how we rolled. Sadly, now 2 years ago when i started college back in 08 ( the program usually is 2 months then a week break and repeat except summer and christmas) so after 2 months he wouldn't see me and he slowly became terrible. He did get a usual cold/fever that was going around but he got better...then we thought he had ear mites besides constantly scratching his ears and shaking his head one of his ears would be half lowered ( like what cats do when irritated) after only  coming home on my second break ( halloween break) and only four month of school...he died...without showing any issues at all..he was eatting fine, his poop was fine everything was fine except he started to act slower and slower and his left ear was still down but not the other,showed no signs of any health issues that we know of except maybe depressed. After a year of his death, i've figured out that he died of a broken heart because only when i came home on a week break of school he'd be acting WAY better and VERY happy but my folks told me that after i left every time he'd become depressed and sad but would play with the other cats and do whatever a cat it was a VERY depressing break week when i came home and there was no chewie to come home too.  I still miss him, he was my baby, my best friend. I was so looking forward to petting him and giving him big hugs.....but more. I literally cried all break week then went back to school still crying because he was my life. I miss his hugs, our nose rubs, head rubs, bellyrubs, when i pet his far back he'd do his little lick thing, our piggybacks, the happiness and my best friend.


How i miss him SO SO much

beautifulsekhmet beautifulsekhmet
22-25, F
Feb 16, 2010