Maxi My Little Buddy

My Maxi had to be put to sleep on the 8th of February. i stayed with him to the bitter end and im so glad i was with him when he needed me most. we bought him home and buried him. i miss him so much.. he was 14 i know a good age but i thought he had longer, he had a tumour and i know it was for the best but i feel like i gave up on him, we had him for 14 years since he was tiny!! he was rejected by his mother and became feral.. he was also really small because aparently according to the man we got him off he was the runt. But he was so beautiful he was white and tabby and fluffy, he only looked young.. i keep expecting to see him lying on the end of my bed. or meow for some fuss or food... im so lost i dont know what to do.


i was thinking about adopting a homeless little cat from a shelter but i feel like im betraying him. im not after a replacement nothing could every replace my little buddy. but i want something to love again... i will always love my maxi and he will always be my favorite cat and my best friend



R.I.P maxi ;(

leighton90 leighton90
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2010