My Baby Marley Amore'

*PLEASE READ* One day i came home and my mom told my brothers and i that she had a surprise for us. We had no clue what it could be, until we opened our door to find a little white and brown kitten bouncing around the room. It was our second kitten, our first was disgusted with it. We fought over names for our precious little surprise, and finally agreed on Marley. Her middle name was Amore', which is love in Italian. Eventually, our other cat, Mia learned to love Marley. Marley took to our family right away, always wanting love and someone to play with. She learned to trust us, me especially. If she wanted attention, she would always come to me.. we were like sisters. Then came a turn for the worst. We didn't have the money to fix her, and she started to go through heat. My mom couldn't take it anymore, and one day after school, we were forced to take a drive to the humane society. I took her inside that terrible place. There were dogs crying and cats meowing everywhere. As my mom was filling out paperwork, it took everything i had not to run out of there with her in my arms. A man asked me for her, and all i could do was give her one last kiss on the head and give her to him while she held on to me for dear life. He said they would take care of her. As he took her from me all i could see was her meowing and reaching for me. That was the last time i saw her. She trusted me and i let her down. All i want in the world right now is for her to come up to me, wanting me to pet her. It would cost 100 dollars to get her back. I miss her so much, and i will probably never see her again. Marley, i will love you forever.

MarleyAmore MarleyAmore
13-15, F
Feb 20, 2010