Charlie was brought to us over a year ago and became a big part of our family. He died this morning March 1, 2010. The vet said he got hit by a car but when I saw him he looked as if he were laying down on the grass just watching like he always does. I let him out the night before and usually he returns but this time was different he was no where to be found until on my way to school i saw him... I cant believe he was taken away from us in so little time and in such a cruel way. He was a great cat he loved everyone he always meowed whenever I would close the doors and he would cuddle up literally on top of you when it was time for bed. He loved water which was somewhat strange and more than anything he loved my mom and seeing her cry for him now makes my heart break into a million pieces. im going to miss his white coat and his bubbly personality but most of all im going to miss his one blue eye and his one brown eye that had the power to look deep into my soul. im going to miss his company, he was one of my best friends and it may sound strange but he made me laugh so much and i know he's in a better place but the one question on my mind is WHY SO SOON?!

ive cried all day

i havent slept

my hearts completely shattered, i go by my door hoping that he'll be there asking for me to let him in :(((


im going to see a cat tomorrow who needs a home and though no one can replace my Charlie im going to give that cat a great home and a lot of love and care



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My sincere empathy, my heart goes out to you. A tragic loss of a pet.. *hugs*