My Beautiful Meowy

On the 6th of March 2010, my beautiful 6month old kitten got ran over. I've had him since the day he was born because his mum is one of my other cats and she gave birth to him and the rest of the litter on my curtains! We sold all the other kittens but I just couldnt let my beautiful boy go even though he was the one that everyone wanted, i just replied 'no you can't have him, were keeping him'. In the short 6months we had him he shown the whole family so much love. He always wanted to play, so when my mum shouted him in, he just ran off with the other cats lol! 5 mins after that, my brother came in screaming saying that there was something wrong with meowy as he was laying in next doors garden, purring but not moving, with other cats surrounding him. My mum picked him up and carried him to the neighbours to see if they would take her to the vets. Meowy died on the way to the vets in my mum's arms. After spending about an hour just cuddling him, we decided to get him cremated at the vets with all the other animals, as we walked out i was actually sick. There wasn't a mark or scratch on him apart from a drop of blood from his nose and the vet said he may of died from shock. He was my baby and I actually feel like my heart has been ripped out. He was so clever, he even used to knock on the door when he wanted to come in or lick your nose to wake you up. My mum and me are heart broken and although we miss him, theres no other cat that can replace him. I'm praying theres an afterlife just so I can see my babys little face and beautiful big green eyes. Mummy misses you and so do the other cats, they keep looking round for him but I just tell them he's in heaven. Im sad he died so young but I'm so thankful of the wonderful six months I had him. Love you Ma Mau x x x


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Regardless of how old a pet is, or how long they have enriched your life for, it is always a great loss when they pass, I do hope that you can in time clearly remember all the good times, whilst the pain fades.