Loss Of A Friend, Ms. Kitty

It was a really difficult decision to take  Ms. Kitty, our 14 year old cat,  to the vet on March 8, 2010. But, she had been suffering with a UTI for several months and I could tell over the weekend that something else was going on. And she stopped eating and didn't seem comfortable. Ms. Kitty and I had such a unique bond and I greatly miss her.  As I do things about the house, I miss seeing her. She loved to hear me play the piano and I cried today as I tried to play the piano. We adopted her when my husband and I were newly married. She was our baby for 6 years before my son was born. She was there during the joyful moments and brought comfort during tragedy and loss of loved ones. I do have to say that at times she was mischievous and woke us up many times at night, to our dislike. However, she  will always have a special place in my heart. A dog wandered into our family this past Christmas and I think that upset her. However, we thought our son could use a friend. We also have another 6 year old cat, but the bond isn't the same. Yet, I am pouring more love into our cat, Heidi, for I think she misses Ms. Kitty.  I am not for sure if she will steal my heart, like Ms. Kitty, but she is a great cat. I am grateful for the pictures I have of Ms. Kitty and hope to make a nice scapbook in her honor.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2010

I'm so sorry for your loss of Ms. Kitty. They truly become part of the family. The unconditional love they have to offer is such a unique quality. That is what makes them so special. My thoughts are with you and Ms. Kitty.