She was a one in a million, my beautiful little tabby girl- so happy and vocal and pleased to see you and even happier to get as many cuddles as possible. I can't get over the fact she has gone. Friday night we were sharing a cuddle and by saturday she had gone. The vet said she had kindey failure and her organs were shutting down. I know it was best to let her go in peace and comfort but i wish i could have had the summer with her. I want to be cuddling her now and telling her how great she is- giving her a *** bit of chicken or cheese. She was 17 and i thought she would last forever. my dear Raisie please be safe and happy i love you with all my heart and will keep you in my heart untill i get to see you again and give you such a big cuddle.


hanebebe hanebebe
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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

I'm very sorry for your loss. It's amazing how much a part of the family our cats become. They just have so much love to give. And thats whats important; that you had the oppertunity share that love with them. My biggest fear is what happens to them when they leave us. I just hope they are safe. I lost my Midnight cat yesterday, and I just miss him so much.<br />
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Cats are little people in fur coats who walk on all-fours and speak a different language