I Love You Guys Furr-ever And Always!

I recently had A bunch of cats. They became sick, and my mother became allergic. we had 17 cats at that time.
The four Horsemen we called them. They were the first four babies born in our home. We adopted a female from being shot to death. she mated with one of the horsemen, and had babies. their babies had babies...so and so on.
I am depressedgirl06 because i regret and feel guilty for putting them out in the cold. i didn't want to...that's why i hate myself. I miss the way they all curled up at my feet at night and cuddled me. I miss you kittehs wit all me heart! i pray you all found a home.
R.I.P Whiskers and patches, and maybe the others. i DON'T want to think they are...dead...but i can't stop crying my eyes out EVERY day and night.
since january 2012........
yes i am crying right now posting this.
God, please give whiskers and all the others a soft cloud to lay on! i will be waiting for the day i see you all again!
DepressedGirl06 DepressedGirl06
26-30, F
May 9, 2012