My Family of Cats

here is the link to a slideshow of the cats that were my family:

the first of that family was my very favorite and born in a hole in my yard back in 1992. i took in many strays from litters from the same 2 cats. they were inside cats most of their lives, but eventually i let them out. i dont regret that. they were so much happier! but unfortunately 2 years ago,  we moved to a new place that i thought was safe. within 2-3 days, they were all gone. all but one. though i miss them, i have not looked for any other cats. i dont believe that there will ever be cats like those cats. they had become my family, and i miss them very much.
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2 Responses Dec 26, 2007

Great kitties, I have had some very special cats in my life, one was nearly 40 years ago, I still think of him on occasion. But I have others, they do not diminish my memories of him, I just have to have cats in my life, it like I am missing something if I do not.

Some of my cats adopted me. They just showed up here and decided that this is where they live.Last year there was a wonderful male we called Colby that did that. He lived here for about 6 months, and then just disappeared.I was so sad. Then a few months later a man that I'd never met who lives a few miles away stopped to ask me about hunting in our woods. He saw that I had cats and ask if I'd ever seen a particular one around. He then described Colby.It turns out that Colby showed up at their house one day, his wife fell in love with him and now he is their inside cat. I was happy that Colby had found himself a good home, but I still miss him.