Back When I Was A Kid...

Back when I was a kid, i took a lot of things for granted. My parents, My Pets, My Friends, and My home. It truly never occured to me back then that one day they'd be gone.

It's really only the last ten years or so that i've become this reflective on things past. most notably the houses I grew up in.

There were two houses actually. One really big one, back before my parents divorced and money wasn't an issue, and a smaller one after my Dad left and me and my Mum moved to be closer to my Grandparents. but i'm getting ahead of myself, my very first house was the really big one, and it was somewhere around the late 80's.  I remember so vividly Christmas's and Birthdays, getting ready for school and eating breakfast on the big dining room table while my dad read the newspaper. the radio would be on, playing hits from the time that most people consider "oldies from the 80's" now

I remember playing with my Ghostbusters toys on the lounge carpet, creating stories and getting lost in my own little world while my mum did all the phoning and paperwork to get the divorce started. it all felt so innocent back then. I really had no idea what life was really like.

I remember the big storm of October 1987, waking up in bed and hearing glass breaking. i was sure we were being robbed, but then the sound of the wind and running to my parent's room to wake them up. it was so scary, but i trusted my parents to put everything right.

I remember the big fish tank in the lounge, and how it lit up the room when the lights were off

I remember the day we moved. how empty that big house seemed. it was strange seeing it like that. my Dad had gone the year before and it was just my mum and me. she couldn't afford such a big place by herself, and my grandparents were wanting us to move near them. so around 1990, we did.

The new house was a lot different to the other one. it was a bungelow in a small town. it was nice to get a fresh start and it felt good. the summers were bright. my grandparents were visiting a lot and i really felt positive in myself

The sale of the big house had obviously resulted in quite a windfall as far as money was concerned because my mum and me went off on holiday. going to Blackpool and having an amazing time. it made up for the last few years of the divorce, and after we got back even going to school didn't seem too bad.

I remember one day in particular getting home from school and my mum said she had a surprise for me. we went in the car and brought home two beautiful little kittens. my first cats ever. they were adorable. and life at that time felt good

two years later the cats got sick and one day they weren't there anymore. i cried for a month.

Around 1999, we moved again. my grand dad passed away, and childhood seemed to die with him. I miss my childhood homes so much, i miss those times and the innocence of youth, i miss when things seemed so much easier. i miss people and animals that are no longer a part of my life, and the saddest part is I can never go back to those times except in my memories

Thank you EP for allowing me to ramble on. I'm sure none of this will mean much to anyone. but it's been nice to write it all down
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this is beautiful