Those Days Aren't Going To Come Back:(

I will never forget those beautiful days. I was so energetic, enthusiastic and passionate for everything. I would wake early in the morning and paint (You can see my paintings in my album), or do something creative. I had made lot of things- a wooden castle, some electronic things which would run on battery. and I used to trade them with my friends. that was fun too.

It was at this time, that I became interested in the world. I began collecting information about other countries and our wonders. I bought a huge atlas and would show these things to my friends but they were not intrested in them. but I used to force them. lol. I even collected the candy wrappers, tickets evertything that would come from abroad. I was so fascinated by them.

the most beautiful things was my curiosity. I was curious about everything and that made it so special. Now even the new things don't ineterest me much.

and above everything, I wasn't aware of the struggle I would have to face as a adult. I thought it was interesting things because I saw them making decisions, spending money on anything. but now I see that the childhood was better. It's better when we don't have any responsibilities. I didn't have to worry about anything. I used to dream of exploring new lands  and having all the pleasures in the world. Now I realize that's it's extremely difficult.

I miss those days. they will never come back. I will never have the advantages a child has. I can no longer play on the swing, run like crazy. I can no longer sit at home for months. I loved my childhood and miss it.  

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1 Response Jul 12, 2010

Yeah, I miss it. I don't want to say goodbye to those days. <br />
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Things aren't too bad right now, but very soon, this period of my life will be over too and knowing that makes me feel sick. When I was a kid, being an adult seemed like fun because you'd be completely free. Finally you'd be able to do all those things that you can't do as a kid. Nothing could be further from the truth. Or does that mean I'm living life wrong?<br />
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Everything was full of magic back then. I still see the beauty in things, but I don't feel so fired up anymore. Childhood really is special.<br />
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That's why I get so angry when someone's childhood has been messed up in some way. Or when kids have very pushy parents who want them to study as hard as they can because "you have to work hard now to be comfortable later."<br />
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I remember when I was going through the beginning of highschool, I sometimes had thoughts that I was getting deader. Now I know what that feeling really was - it was the inkling that little by little, my childhood was fading away :(