Miss Childhood Much...

Everytime I hear children laughing, seeing them running around... it reminds me of my wonderful chidlhood days... I miss those sweet smiles of my friends who were running towards me & wanted to play w/my toys. I miss those bdays I have had wherein I gather my chidlhood friends together, had a great party w/that huge bday cake... wow! how I wish I still can have a great party as like that now :)... I miss those times we were in the sea gathering seashells & starfish, going up in the mountains to gather those woods & make fire, swimming in those river after getting fruits... it was terribly fun & exciting days... I miss my grandma cooking some foods after we arrived home from the mountains... Wish it could be possible to live a life that is free from problems, away from stress & pollution, away w/those unhealthy environment... How I wish I could make a wish & can give a chance to turn back the past... I would rather hug my Grandma so much & tell her how I miss & love her so much...

That was my childhood days, far different w/the life I have now... But glad I was once been w/that life, else I know I am not as strong as what I am now... It's great to reminisce the past & great memories.... :)
schenine2829 schenine2829
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1 Response Feb 8, 2011

hi Themsen... yes childhood memories are great... great friends you have, you can never forget them :)